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Salt the Soil

Lyrics by Timothy Montera and Denney Fischel/ Music by Denney Fischel / Performed by Sick Life

I will spin the rope, grind the axe, hammer the nails

I will salt the soil of your health until your heart fails 

You are drawing dead, falling short, down to none

Your entire life a flickering candle, a setting sun


Hold your tongue

Take my gun


I will spike your vein, tighten your noose, poison your well

I will clip your wings, extract your soul, heaven to hell

I will peel away, the skin that hides, all of your lies

Feel the hatred, burning deep, behind my eyes


Bite your tongue

You’re the reason animals eat their young

Cut out your conniving tongue

Careless words exit your lungs

You undermine, all the time, question me, can't you see, your fuckin' worthless

You chose a side, you went inside, I let it slide, I despise your existence


Bite off your tongue

Here, use my gun

Cut out your poisonous tongue

I refuse to be unsung


Salt the soil of your life

Salt the soil of my life

Salt the soil of our lives

Until nothing is left alive


The living lie, the dead lay (x 4)


Go set yourself on fire

Shorten and strip your wire

Take deep breaths underwater 

Be the first lamb to your slaughter 


And as the living lie, the dead lay (x2)


Please set yourself on fire

You provide less than required

Vitriolic multiplier

It’s time for you to expire 


Salt the soil of your life

Salt the soil of my life

You’ve salted the soil of our lives

Now nothing is left alive

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