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Sick Life is a metalcore band based out of New York. Since their inception, Sick Life have been dedicated to creating an intensely brutal and modernized blend of classic 80s and 90s rock, thrash and Nu metal music. Sick Life combines core elements of their influences to mount a savage attack on the controversial and dichotomous concepts of love & hate and life & death. Their fusion of raging riffs, blistering beats and candidly scathing lyrics pushes each listener to their emotional brink – ultimately testing the inner constitution of their very soul. Sick Life’s music, and its members, are fit to be tied and are beyond determined to leave an influentially permanent mark on the metal community at large and, most importantly, their fans.

Sick Life’s lineup is…
vocals Tim Montera
lead guitar Denney Fischel

rythym guitar Kerry Fischel
drums Mike Denius

bass Chris Ciecirski



“Simply put Sick Life dominates on stage live from their tightness shown through their musical capabilities to their raw and unmatched sound of metal brutality that has rocked Long Island NY for years”.


~ Patty Dodge, President of PDT entertainment

"Sick Life takes Metal to a whole new level combining their fierce musical onslaught with their ear shredding power vocals… this band is not be messed with and not to be missed!”


~ Don Chaffin, Producer/Director @ DCity Studios

“Sick Life is an incredible band that has that big four sound.  They remind me of bands like Pantera, Slayer, Metallica & Anthrax! Killer riffs, brutal vocals and amazing music all around.  These guys will fill stadiums one day”.

~ J. Randy (311, Fever 333, Dmc, Disco Fries) – songwriter/producer

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